Saturday, July 21, 2012

Been gone long

Hey, I haven't posted anything here in ages and that's cos I had a bit of a personal crisis, of meat-eating porportions :/ i'm not talking a full U-turn back into my meat-eating ways. No. More like a temporary stint with chicken. Needless to say I was quite ashamed of myself and felt like a hypocrite, but when I think about my cause its still as strong as ever, whether I've eaten chicken or not. I do, however need to appreciate the discipline and passion it takes to be veggie and I just want to give a massive green salute to all my peeps out there who have gone years without eating meat. For me, its been almost 2 years, and they certainly have not been perfect (I have given into the temptation on more than one occasion) but it is still a belief I hold very dear to my heart and I will always continue to strive for that total meat-free perfection-actually, all-animal-product-free perfection, because that is what I see as strength, as passion and as the truest form of love for animals.

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