Monday, July 23, 2012

Babay Steps: How to wean yourself off meat

Most experts agree that, although it works for some, quitting meat cold turkey ussually results in a confused body and even withdrawal syptoms. So thats probably not the best way to become vegan or vegetarian. Thats where my baby steps plan comes in (I'm really excited I thought of this!!). The plan is to cut or substitute one thing each week (or twice a week if you are feeling totally hardcore.) Every week I'm going to post a suggestion as to what you can do to cut off that meat from your life, and also some sub-tips to do along with your main goal just for fun :)
So, we'll start with a relatively small one today:

Today, I pledge to eat the veggie burger instead of the beef or chicken.

This one is quite simple because veggie burgers are so delicious, and in many burger joints they do have that option. Veggie burgers are not only minus the cruelty, but they also have loads of other one-ups on beef or chicken burgeres like:

1. Lower in fat and calories!
Woop woop! Who doesn't like to hear those words? In fact many beef burgers contain 10g or more of fat, and the vegetable alternatives average at 3 or 4g- less than half!

2. Rich in fibre
Fibre comes from the cellulose found in the cell wall of evrery plant cell- so every veggie burger is packed with fibre. The meat alternative-not so much.

3. Less cholesterol
Veggie burgers have significantly less "bad" cholesterol compared to their (especially red) meat alternatives. Actually, some ingredients in veggie burgers, like soy, contain phytochemicals that reduce the levels of LDL or "bad" cholesterol in the body

So, the mini-goal this week is to choose the veggie burger over the meaat- this can also apply for any other veggie alternative! To help you, theres a delishh veggie burger recipe from Cooking Light on my recipes page!

Stay green, Love life

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