Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Steps: How to wean yourself off meat 2

So, the pledge to choose the veggie alternative over meat was pretty easy huh?
Well, hopefully this next one will you get you another baby step closer to saying goddbe to meat forever!

Today, I pledge to eat in a vegetarian or vegan restaurant 
and I'll invite a non-vegetarian with me!

How simple is that?
Eating at a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant will open your (and their) eyes to the fact that veg food is NOT boring, there's a huge variety of healthier, more ethical food out there for us to try!
And once they see how great it is, they'll be more willing to support you. (Speaking from experience i'd say support is not  absolutely essential but it is really helpful.)
It will also be supporting a cause that we (no doubt) are passionate about!

So today, skip the KFC or the beef bistro and head to a Maoz or any veggie restaurant near you, there must be one!
If there isn't one, just cook a veggie meal at home and have a dinner party!
This will really show people that it's the kind of lifestyle that's simple, humane, and REALLY TASTY :D

I don't know where ya'll are reading from (but i'd be glad to know in the comments!) but here are some websites that have vegan/vegetarian restaurant guides!

Honestly, there are TONS. It would be reallllly hard for you not to find one :)

Stay green, Love life

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