Thursday, August 11, 2011

Veggie to Vegan

There's a few different types of vegetarians out there..some more strict than others, and the divide is not always so clear. So i did some research and here are the main vegetarian groups:

VEGETARIAN:Vegetarian is a broad term used to describe a person who doesn't eat meat, poultry, fish, or seafood.

SEMI-VEGETARIAN:Semi-Vegetarian means the person consumes dairy products, eggs, chicken and fish but not other animal flesh.

PESCATARIAN: This is someone who does not eat any animal flesh apart from fish, and does eat eggs and dairy

POLLOTARIAN: Someone who eats chicken, eggs and dairy but no other animal flesh.

LACTO-OVO VEGETARIAN: Does not eat any animal flesh including fish and chicken, but does eat eggs and milk
(This is the largest group of vegetarians)

OVO-VEGETARIAN: Does not eat any animal flesh including fish and chicken or dairy products, but does eat eggs

LACTO-VEGETARIAN: Does not eat any animal flesh including fish and chicken, also does not eat eggs, but drinks milk

VEGAN: Do not eat any animal flesh including chicken and fish or any animal by-products which includes eggs and dairy. They also do not eat meat by-products such as gelatin, some also do not eat yeast or honey or even some types of sugar and wine because they are made using animal products, whether or not they contain animal products at the end. 

So which category do you fall under? 
Remember whatever category you or other people fall under, that we all make a difference, and we all choose to be vegan or vegetarian for reasons as different as our diets.

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